I am Isabelle Gervais-Laberge jeweler for the company Créations GLi.

Let me introduce myself to Isabelle Gervais-Laberge, living in the Laurentians, I have four wonderful supporters in my life: my husband, my big boy and my dog, a faithful workshop companion. I have a professional studies diploma in jewelry from the Sud-Ouest trade school and the University of Quebec in Montreal in education.

I am fortunate to have at home a space to work, create and teach. In addition to working for my small company Créations GLi, I also give introductory jewelry courses at my workshop in Saint-Colomban in the Laurentians.


The passion for creating jewelry was born during an introductory jewelry course. The moment I started cutting metal and handling the torch, I knew I would continue to learn more in the field. So I enrolled in the Southwest Trades School in Jewelery for a few years. Going back to school was quite an academic and family challenge, but luckily, during those great years of study, I had some great encounters that turned into friendships.

Isabelle Gervais-Laberge Joaillière



Even today I love to cut metal manually and I still have a flame for soldering. I refine my jewelry with textures and reliefs embellished with gems. I take inspiration from the nature around me and I adapt to the room as it is created. Each piece of jewelry created contains an emotion and a passion, which is what makes it unique.


You will find in my shop pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces which are distinguished by the inventiveness of their design. All my jewelry is handcrafted in my workshop. Each creation is unique and produced in small series and sometimes in a single copy.